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The best water for your skin and hair

The best water for your skin and hair

Before we get straight to the best water for your skin and hair, let’s first explain how water affects your skin and hair. Believe it or not, the water you put inside your body AND outside your body affect the looks and health of your skin and hair. Why is this? Here is why water is important for your skin and hair:

  • Hydration – water helps hydrate your whole body from the inside out. So, if you’re suffering from dry skin, hair, nails and the like, you could very likely be dehydrated! Often times, this is due to the quality of the water you are drinking – remember, not all waters are created equally. What’s the most hydrating elixir beverage for your hair skin and nails? You can make your own with Enagic’s Kangen Ionized Water Filter which produces anti-oxidant rich alkaline water from your tap at the push of a button ($4,280 – financing options available – www.waterkangenwater.com310 447 – 8947) – this option may seem expensive at first but it’s actually extremely financially efficient when considering you will never have to buy bottled water again! It also produced over 5 pH leveled waters for skin, hair, beauty, drinking, disinfecting, and cleaning purposes! No wonder it’s a celebrity favorite…
  • Alkalinity – You’re probably familiar with the concept that “you are what you eat” – and this is actually very true when it comes to how you look, too. The health of your skin, hair and nails is generally indicative of the health of your inner eco-system. So, when it comes to health, you want to make sure you’re eating both an alkalizing diet and drinking alkaline ionized water which will help sweep your system clean and provide a safe and gentle daily detox! not all waters are created equally. What’s the hottest alkaline water ionizer on the market? Everyone from Obama to Angelina Jolie have opted for Enagic’s Kangen Ionized Water Filter which produces high-anti-oxidant alkaline water from your tap at the push of a button ($4,280 – financing options available – www.waterkangenwater.com310 447 – 8947)
  • Anti-oxidants – Along the same lines as alkalinity and its effect on the body, anti-oxidants are another key component for improving the looks of your skin, hair and nails from the inside out – you want to make sure your diet is rich in anti-oxidant rich superfoods and blueberries, seabuckthorn, Turmeric, Goji berries, Acai and other high-nutrition, anti-oxidant rich supplements. When it comes to what you drink, though, you want to make sure what you’re drinking isn’t actually robbing you of anti-oxidants, as most oxidized waters (or bottled waters) are – you want to make sure you’re drinking freshly produced alkaline, anti-oxidant rich water that is full of naturally-occurring minerals. There is only one water ionizer that accomplishes both of these natural beauty requirements and is considered the best water for your skin and hair.
The best water for your skin and hair - LeveLuk SD501
The best water for your skin and hair
  • Pure bathing water – Considering the more topical aspects of water and its effects on our hair and skin, water plays a huge role in the appearance of our skin and hair. The chemicals and harsh byproducts found in the water supply (and even in most filtered water) taxes and dehydrates the skin and hair, causing frizz, damage, and dehydration. This is also why it is so important to make sure you have a high quality shower filter installed in your shower to remove the harmful pollutants that come through your faucet and get absorbed by the body. Considering that you can actually absorb chemicals during a short shower period, it is definitely worth the investment! For the most luxurious yet pure bath, we love the ANESPA Japanese Mineral Spa Filter which produced ion-rich water that helps remineralize the hair, skin and nails, reduce inflammation, and provide a relaxing shower experience. The Anespa shower filter is made with rare stones from the Futamata Hot Springs in Japan and is a favorite of many A-listers. ($2,299 – financing options available – www.waterkangenwater.com310 447 – 8947)
  • Mineral-rich water – It’s no secret that minerals play a huge role in promoting lustrous, dewy, healthy-looking hair, skin and nails. This is another reason why it is important to make sure you are eating a whole-foods well-rounded diet that eliminates processed foods, refined sugar, and chemicals. A good way to ensure you are getting proper mineral intake is also in the water you drink and the water you bathe in. Most drinking waters are void of key minerals and nutrients and laden with chemical byproducts. This is why Reverse Osmosis Water (RO Water) is so unhealthy as it is completely stripped of its natural mineral content and creates a water that is essentially “dead.” The best elixir for skin and hair, and the water celebrities love for mineral absorption is “Kangen Water” which is produced by the LeveLuk in-home kitchen filter.  For bathing in mineral-rich water, A-listers love the mineral-rich ionized ANESPA Hot Springs Spa Shower Filter … it’s like a Hot Spring in your shower!
Enagic Anespa
Luxury home water filtration systems – Enagic Anespa Mineral Spa Unit

As you can see, proper water hydration is essential to internal and external health. The beauty of your skin and hair is ultimately dependent on the health of your organs and internal eco-system, which is largely affected by the water you drink. It’s no wonder that countless celebrities are targeting health and beauty from the inside out. Read more about celebrities who are getting their beauty on with alkaline water and why alkaline water is not only the best water for your skin and hair but also the most affordable beverage for your skin and hair here.

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Ionized Water Benefits for Health and Beauty – Alkaline Anti-oxidant Enagic Kangen Water

The most reliable, safe, non-toxic water ionizer: Enagic Kangen Water LeveLuk SD501 Filter

Enagic Kangen Water Alkaline Anti-oxidant Ionized Water Benefits for Health and Beauty :

The Enagic Kangen Water Alkaline Anti-oxidant Ionized Water Benefits for Health and Beauty range from helping clear skin, acne, improve digestion, overall natural detox, liver cleansing, diabetes, gout, inflammation, arthritis, energy, athletic performance (no wonder the LA Lakers on it!), and more.

The Ionized Water Benefits for Health and Beauty are due to the unique micro-clustered nature of ionized Kangen Water. The molecules in ionized Kangen Water are small enough to actually penetrate the blood-brain barrier and reach the brain in under 25 seconds! This means that ionized Kangen Water can hydrate your body extremely quickly, oxygenate your blood, and hydrate your whole body from the inside out! The ionized water benefits for Health and Beauty thus include hydrated hair, hydrated skin, clearer skin (due to the cleansing benefits of the alkaline water, which promotes healthy gut flora), improvement in skin conditions (including rosacea, eczema and dandruff) – and more supple skin. Many would suggest that Kangen Water is the “anti-aging water” due to its ionized water benefits for Health and Beauty.

Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston + 100’s of other celebrities use Kangen Water and are taking advantage of ionized water benefits for health and beauty!

Ionized Water Benefits for Health and Beauty
Mariah Carey drinks Kangen Water and has installed this machine in her million-dollar RV!
Ionized water benefits for health and beauty
Beyonce and Jay-Z drink Kangen Water!


Buy the LeveLuk SD501 Enagic Water Ionizer (Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston have this model installed in their homes):


Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer Leveluk SD501 Platinum
Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Learn more about Kangen Water at or call (310) 447 – 8947 with any questions on how this amazing anti-oxidant water can help your skin and body naturally!

Visit Enagic here.

Buy your very own Enagic water ionizer here.

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Kangen water by Enagic: water of the stars

Kangen water by Enagic: water of the stars

Have you ever wondered what water celebrities really drink? Did you know that although Jennifer Aniston sponsors Smart Water, she actually gives her dog Kangen water by Enagic?! Mariah Carey just recently installed the Leveluk SD 501 into her luxury mobile home – see the video here!

Kangen is also chosen by Obama and his cardiologist, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, Beyonce, the LA Lakers and more!

So what makes Kangen water so highly sought after?

1. Extremely high level of natural anti-oxidants with an orp (oxidation reduction potential) range of -150mV to -400mV!

2. Its unique molecular structure makes it supremely hydrating and one reason why athletes love it, improving their performance!

3. 100% Japanese based and manufactured company – all parts (including the box that it arrives in!) are made 100% in Japan. The quality and craftsmanship of Enagic and all of their products is the top in its field. Enagic is the only registered unit used as a medical device in Japan’s top hospitals.

4. Go green, save water, save money! No more lugging plastic bottles of water, no more plastic waste! Fill up the most nutritious water straight from your tap in your kitchen!

5. Multi-purpose – Enagic machines make varied leveled pH waters that can be used for different purposes including but not limited to: anti-bacterial acidic water to disinfect (great for kitchen coutertops, utensils, athletes foot, fruits and vegetables or even wounds), highly alkaline water that can be used as a detergent or for cleaning floors, a toner water for the face, hair and body, and much much more!

Learn more about Kangen water by Enagic here!


Read more: Kangen water benefits for skin

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You can purchase your very own Kangen water by Enagic machine and products at


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Enagic Kangen Water New York

Enagic Kangen Water New York!!

Exciting news everyone! Enagic Kangen Water is now available in Manhattan, New York! Yes – now you can get your hands on one of these amazing machine for health and beauty (no wonder why both Obama and his cardiologist choose Kangen water as the ONLY water you and your family should be drinking!).

Here is a summary of the amazing benefits of Kangen water for skin, hair, beauty, weight loss and health:

1. Micro-clustered molecular structure of the water allows for superior hydration, reaching the brain in under 25 seconds! No heavy, unabsorbed water from plastic bottles sitting in your stomach! No chemicals, no plastic, just natural water straight from your Kangen filter through your faucet!

Benefits: hydrated skin, better performance, gentle detox, skin purifying and SO many more! Contact us (347) 517 3513 for more information on how this water can revolutionize your beauty and health!

2. Alkaline

Benefits: helps assist healthy and natural weight loss, healthy bowel movements, cleaning of intestines, colon, and remove acid waste build up in the body. Alkaline promotes general health!

3. High natural antioxidants – more than green tea, cod liver oil and even lemon!

Benefits: helps restore youth to the body, fight free radicals, and energize among many other benefits! High antioxidants achieved naturally with JUST water! You’re drinking water every day – make it only the best quality – Kangen!

For more information on the amazing water that countless celebrities, models, sports athletes, and more drink feel free to contact us below. We are happy to answer to any questions you might have on this AMAZING water!

Enagic Kangen Water New York

(310) 447 – 8947

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Kangen Water Benefits for Skin

Kangen Water Benefits

Kangen Water benefits for the skin produces a long list of qualities that make this alkaline water the ONLY water you and your loved ones should be drinking. Here is a quick breakdown of the benefits for skin and how so many celebrities and people are finding skincare relief from just drinking high quality water! The machine produces a range of pH level waters that can be used both topically and internally for ultimate natural, safe skincare and overall health that are not only actually better for also cheaper overall! No more buying expensive, chemical creams, potions, face washes, toners that don’t work and only make matters worse! Treat your skin with the most natural, effective solutions, harnessing the power of pH and water.

Kangen alkaline water ionizer machines produce a range of pH level waters, producing a toner for the face, hair and body (I bottle this in a convenient spray bottle and have it in my bathroom, bag, and kitchen!

Kangen alkaline water ionizer machines also produce pH level waters for making shampoo, conditioner and face wash (more details on these easy-peasy recipes can be found here)!

Here are a few ways that Kangen water ionizer filters produce water that can benefit your skin:

The unique molecular structure of the alkaline water produced by the machine is micro-clustered, meaning, around 4-6 molecules – small enough to reach your cells and actually hydrate you!! This is why when you drink Kangen alkaline water, you don’t have that heavy feeling in your stomach of sitting, unabsorbed water. Kangen alkaline water has the power to reach your brain in under 25 seconds! This is why the LA Lakers, 49ers and MANY other athletes and sports teams LOVE Kangen water! Proper hydration is a key to performance!

Similarly for the skin, the unique hydration qualities of alkaline water allow it to actually hydrate your body and skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, delivering a very high and natural dose of antioxidants to restore the youthfulness of your skin and improve texture.

Another why Kangen alkaline water helps your skin is due to its ability to cleanse the colon and digestive tract, improve bowel mobility, and alkalize the body. Our skin is a reflection of our gut, out colon, and our digestive tract. So, cleaning out our colon, gently detoxing, and alkalizing the body helps us get rid of the waste that accumulates in our bodies and shows up in our skin. No more antibiotics, pills, creams, or magic potions that only further destroy our gut – heal your skin and body with just water!

These are just a few of the many benefits that Kangen water has on our skin and body! For detailed information on how this water can benefit you, call us at (310) 447 – 8947

Cheers to healthy and happy!

Kangen Water by Enagic:


(310) 447 – 8947

11847 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #301

Los Angeles, CA 90025


(347) 517 – 3513

1140 Broadway Suite #207
New York, NY 10001

International orders available worldwide. Call (310) 447 – 8947

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