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Enagic LeveLuk-R Alkaline Water Ionizer Kangen Water Filter (Produces Anti-oxidant, Alkaline Water + 4 different types of waters for beauty, green cleaning, and more!)


Kangen Water® is the healthiest, most sustainable, and cost-effective way to drink purified, beauty-boosting, detoxifying alkaline water.

Produce unlimited anti-oxidant, alkaline water – at the push of a button! This 100% Japanese-made alkaline water ionizer filter by Enagic produces 5 different water types for your completely natural health and beauty needs – it is the perfect way to go green at home, save money, and never buy bottled water again! It is no wonder why celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Jillian Michaels, and even Obama are drinking this eco-friendly water produced straight from the tap.

The LeveLuk-R generates 5 different types of water from one single filter:

  • Anti-oxidant-rich, Alkaline, Ionized Purified Drinking Water – “Kangen Water®” – (pH 8.5 – 9.5)
  • Neutral-pH, Purified Drinking Water – (pH 7.0)
  • Beauty Water for Hair and Skin – (pH 4.0 – 6.0)

Drinking Kangen Water® helps alkalize your body’s pH and achieve health and beauty from the inside out!

Warranty: 3-year full

For any questions regarding Enagic Alkaline Water Ionizers or to place your order via phone, contact us at (310) 447 – 8947

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Product Description

Enagic LeveLuk-R Alkaline Water Ionizer Kangen Water Filter – Produces Anti-oxidant, Alkaline Water + 4 different types of waters for beauty, cleaning, and more!


Why drink ionized alkaline water?

  • Drinking truly ionized alkaline water (and not just bottled alkaline water which has added substances that make it read as alkaline), helps the body rebalance its pH naturally, detoxify gently, and fight against free-radicals throughout the body. Alkalize your body naturally and achieve natural health from the inside out.
  • Never have to buy bottled water again! Plain and simple: save money. The cost of a Kangen Water® ionizer will pay itself off by eliminating the costs of buying bottled water, expensive beauty toners for the body, and pesticide removing agents. The LeveLuk-R produces 5 different totally solvent-free, natural water types that can be used for endless DIY uses for health, home and beauty purposes, including: a totally natural beauty water that can be used on the hair, skin, and body and even a cleansing water that soaks your fruits and veggies and helps remove chemical or pesticide residue naturally! Drinking Kangen Water® helps save the environment and promotes natural health and wellness, while saving you money.
  • Helps your body produce radiant, truly hydrated skin and hair. Water is required for almost every function the body performs – so make this water one that will help it perform at its best. Kangen Water® is micro-clustered and ionized which means its molecules are smaller and thus able to pass through the blood-barrier-membrane and hydrate your body extremely quickly, reaching the brain in under 25 seconds – so, no more water sloshing around in your stomach, faster performance levels, increasing energy, better sleep patterns, brain-boosting electrolytes, and supremely hydrated skin and hair. All naturally.

To learn more about the many benefits of Kangen Water® read this article…

Why is Kangen Water trusted by celebrities, industry professionals, and top training athletes? Hint… none of them are paid endorsements!

  • Celebrities who drink Kangen Water: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, MD. FACC Gerald Bresnahan (Doctor for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, The Pope and Queen Elisabeth), Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Steven Seagal, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Janet Jackson, John Mayer, Earth Wind & Fire, Carlos Santana, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Aston Kutcher, Erin Brocovitch, Sylvester Stallone, Anthony Robbins, Chris Angel, Sammy Hagar, Ron Perlman, Jillian Michaels,  Chuck Norris, Martha Stewart (4 machines), George Lucas, The Obama’s, Jay-Z, Steven Tyler, AeroSmith (7 machines), Toby Keith, Roger Daultry, Steve Harris (The Practice), Betty Ford Center (Center for treatment of Drugs, Alcohol, Addictions and Pain), Pat Boone, Chris Daughtry, Conan O’Brien, Donovan McNabb, Conan O’Brian, Kurt Warner, Sly Stallone, Eisenhover Medical Center, Suzanne Somers, Dr. Horst Filtzer (Harvard Doctor), Phil Michelson, Billy Idol, Sammy Hagar, Chris Daughtry, Rohan Marley, George Lopez, Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, Linda Gray (Dallas), Ryan Seacrest, John Geraghty, Chilean Miners (Rescue mission and The Chilian government was so pleased with the results that they have put Ionized Water units on all their Naval Vessels), SWATTS team (Police USA), Cindie Blackman, Rohan Marley, Carola Gonzales (Hollywood Star Treatment), Natasha Bedingfield, and more. Well-acclaimed doctors, wellness institutions, scientists, professors, nutritionists, and elite sports stars who drink and recommend Kangen Water: Shaquille O’Neal (NBA+3xMVP), Magic Johnson, Roger Valdivia (Basketball), Maria Sharapova (Tennis), Tiger Wolf, Phil Michelson (Golf Master/Major Winners), NY Yankees, LA Lakers, NFL Seattle Sea Hawks, Dodger, Reds m.fl., OL in London, Rueben Duran (UFC Superfighter), Michael Robinson (NFL Seattle Seahawks), Dr. Vernal Lucas, MLB/NFL Shan Stratton, Carlos Moore (PUMA runner), Adrian Wilson, Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals), Brad Henissy (Minnesota Twins), Karlos Dansby (Miami Dolphins), Landon Wilson (Dallas Stars), Les Brown (NFL), Reggie Jackson (NY Yankees/Angels)… The 3 World Champions in Bodybuilding: Dan Hill, Toney Freeman and other high-performing athletes who drink Kangen Water.
  • What makes Kangen Water the most highly sought after drinking water by A-listers, professional athletes and health professionals alike? 
    • Kangen Water ionizers are 100% Japanese made and are the only of their kind, meaning they are the only water ionizers in the market that are WQA (Water Quality Association) Gold Seal Certified, which means their quality, craftsmanship and safety are second-to-none. The water quality produced by Kangen Water ionizers have been extensively tested and trusted by the most prestigious water quality standards.
    • Similarly so, Kangen Water ionizers are built to last a lifetime and are made with three medical-grade platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates. This also ensures that there is virtually no toxic leakage or byproduct being produced when your water is being ionized.
    • Kangen Water has won numerous awards for their commitment to sustainability and environmentally-conscious business practices, including three ISO Awards for Quality Management, Environment Management, and Management Systems. These awards are not only difficult to achieve, but also require annual re-qualifications, assuring customers of ongoing accreditation. The Kangen Water Ionization manufacturing plant is also ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certificated!

Kangen Water ionizers are the most safe, dynamic and multi-purpose, sustainable, and long-lasting ionizers on the market.

To learn more about Kangen Water’s unique qualifications and what sets it apart in the market, read this article…

*Note: The Leveluk-R is the base-model ionizer and produces the drinking waters (pH 8.5 – 9.5) and Beauty Water (pH 4.0 – 6.0).The Leveluk-R DOES NOT produce the strong Kangen and strong acidic waters (which can be used for disinfecting and laundry solution) that are made by its other models, like the LeveLuk SD501.


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