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Celebrities using Enagic’s Kangen Water – anti-oxidant, alkaline water


Celebrities using Enagic’s Kangen Wateranti-oxidant, alkaline water – is an extensive list that ranges from presidents to actors and actresses, to athletes and well-known doctors around the world. Here below is a list of some celebrities, top-performing athletes and health gurus that drink Kangen Water:

Famous Kangen ionized alkaline water users: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, celebrities-ionized-water.gifJulia Roberts, Steven Seagal, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas, Janet Jackson, John Mayer, Earth Wind & Fire, Carlos Santana, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Aston Kutcher, Erin Brocovitch, Sylvester Stallone, Anthony Robbins, Chris Angel, Sammy Hagar, Ron Perlman, Jillian Michaels,  Chuck Norris, Martha Stewart (4 machines), George Lucas, The Obama’s, Jay-Z, Steven Tyler og AeroSmith (7 machines), Toby Keith, Roger Daultry, Steve Harris (The Practice), Betty Ford Center (Center for treatment of Drugs, Alcohol, Addictions and Pain), Pat Boone, Chris Daughtry, Conan O’Brien, Donovan McNabb, Conan O’Brian, Kurt Warner, Sly Stallone, Eisenhover Medical Center, Suzanne Somers, Dr. Horst Filtzer (Harvard Doctor), Phil Michelson, Billy Idol, Sammy Hagar, Chris Daughtry, Rohan Marley, George Lopez, Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, Linda Gray (Dallas), Ryan Seacrest, John Geraghty, Chilean Miners (Rescue mission and The Chilian government was so pleased with the results that they have put Ionized Water units on all their Naval Vessels), SWATTS team (Police USA), Cindie Blackman, Rohan Marley, Carola Gonzales (Hollywood Star Treatment), Natasha Bedingfield, MD. FACC Gerald Bresnahan (Doctor for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, The Pope and Queen Elisabeth).

Enagic Kangen alkaline water ionizers are also used by many Doctors, Hospitals, Scientist, Professors, nutritionists, but also most elite sports stars. Celebrities using Enagic’s Kangen Water – anti-oxidant, alkaline water include Shaquille O’Neal (NBA+3xMVP), Magic Johnson og Roger Valdivia (Basketball), Maria Sharapova (Tennis), Tiger Wolf og Phil Michelson (Golf Master/Major Winners), NY Yankees, LA Lakers, NFL Seattle Sea Hawks, Dodger og Reds m.fl., OL in London, Rueben Duran (UFC Superfighter), Michael Robinson (NFL Seattle Seahawks), Dr. Vernal Lucas og MLB/NFL Shan Stratton, Carlos Moore (PUMA runner), Adrian Wilson og Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals), Brad Henissy (Minnesota Twins), Karlos Dansby (Miami Dolphins), Landon Wilson (Dallas Stars), Les Brown (NFL), Reggie Jackson (NY Yankees/Angels)… The 3 World Champions in Bodybuilding: Dan Hill, Toney Freeman and other celebrities using Enagic’s Kangen Water – anti-oxidant, alkaline water

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Where can I buy alkaline water?

Where can I buy Enagic Kangen water internationally?

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