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Turmeric for dogs

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Turmeric for dogs – benefits and which supplement is the safest and healthiest for your pet to take

We’ve heard about the rave of Turmeric supplements and how incredible they are for humans – but what about our furry four-legged companions? Our pets – can they, too, benefit from this superfood herb? The answer is yes. But, just like when choosing a Turmeric supplement (or any supplement for that matter) for yourself, you want to be extra careful about choosing a high-quality, pure Turmeric product. Read on below for our tips on choosing the best Turmeric supplement for your dog:

  1. One of the most important factors when selecting a Turmeric supplement for you or your pet is to make sure that it is 100% organic – unfortunately, even products labeled as 100% organic/USDA certified 100% organic can actually still contain a certain amount of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides… this is why it is especially important to research the company you’re purchasing from and find out if they are really using any pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides to cultivate their Turmeric… if you want to bypass this lengthy step of research, we highly suggest this brand which is a Japanese Turmeric and the only one we’ve found to be truly 100% organic (their Turmeric is harvested on the rare, fertile soil of the island of Okinawa which is a Blue Zone island and has not been touched by herbicides, fungicides or pesticides! You can purchase their product online here or via phone by calling (310) 447 – 8947)

2. Another important factor is form in which you would like to feed the Turmeric to your pets – depending on your pet’s preferences, capsules may be easier as they can be easily fed the pills through their food – otherwise, if the Turmeric is administered in powder form, the dog may not like the taste/smell. So, better to be safe and add the Turmeric capsules to their meals (there is only 1 brand that actually has a soft-gel capsule, which can be found here – we love this brand for our pets as the soft-gels are easy to swallow and safer for your pet).

3. Turmeric is one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory supplements on the market, and is often used for that purpose among people and their pets. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure the quality and absorbability of your Turmeric as this will depend on the strains used and various other added ingredients. The most effective, potent Turmeric strain is “Wild” and is only harvested on the island of Okinawa, Japan. So far, there’s only 1 brand that uses this Wild Turmeric strain in their turmeric supplement and this product can be found here).

Benefits of Turmeric for dogs and pets:

In a study at UCLA, doctors found that curcumin seemed to block the cancer promoting enzyme that stimulates the growth of head and neck cancer. Additionally, Turmeric has been used as a potent liver detoxifier both for people and pets. Turmeric has also been found to:

Aid in the treatment of epilepsy

Help relieve allergies
Help in preventing the formation of cataracts
Used in treating depression (Yes, dogs can get depressed too)
Kill parasites
Heal stomach ailments, aids in digestive disorders, and reduces gas and bloating
Act as a binding agent and therefore great for treating diarrhea (Make sure you have lots of water available for your pet to drink!)
Aid in fat metabolism and weight management
High in fiber and rich in vitamins and mineral


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Turmeric for dogs
Turmeric for dogs