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Squalene skin and health benefits

Best Turmeric Products: Squalene + Turmeric Anti-oxidant Anti-inflammatory Beauty Boosting Supplement

Squalene skin and health benefits and where you can find it:

Squalene skin and health benefits:

  1. Squalene is a strong antioxidant and helps fight free radicals, making it an ultimate beauty-boosting ingredient (especially when consumed as a high-quality supplement like this one)
  2. Squalene also prevents UV damage and the formation of age spots
  3. Squalene promotes cell growth
  4. Squalene is a naturally antibacterial, anti-coagulant, anti-histaminic, and anti-inflammatory!
  5. Squalene is non-allergenic
  6. Squalene helps promote proper digestion
  7. Squalene supports the immune system
  8. Squalene supports internal and external healing of tissue damage (great for healing wounds or scars naturally!)
  9. Squalene supports growth of blood cells
  10. Squalene helps increase energy levels
  11. Squalene helps protect and rejuvenate cells and tissue throughout the body
  12. Squalene supports proper prostate functioning
  13. Squalene helps recovery from stiff or sore muscles (great for athletes!)
  14. Squalene helps lubricate and build elasticity of joints
  15. Squalene is anti-aging
  16. Squalene improves skin tone and quality, helping naturally eliminate wrinkles
  17. Squalene skin and health benefits - Squalene + Turmeric Anti-oxidant Anti-inflammatory Beauty Boosting Supplement
    Squalene + Turmeric Anti-oxidant Anti-inflammatory Beauty Boosting SupplementBuy here


  18. Squalene helps improve the body’s natural allergic response, serving as natural remedy for allergies, asthma eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions
  19. Squalene reduces formation of scar tissue
  20. Squalene reduces harmful LDL-cholesterol and cholesterol levels in the blood
  21. Squalene improves the body’s energy and delivers oxygen to blood cells
  22. Squalene helps improve gut bacteria, balancing proper candida levels, candidiasis, mycosis, and athlete’s foot
  23. Squalene reduces gastric disorder and indigestion
  24. Squalene helps naturally improve blood circulation
  25. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Squalene helps control diabetes, rheumatism and arthritis
  26. Squalene helps naturally treat varicose veins and decalcification
  27. Squalene helps improve memory and concentration, providing a natural remedy for ADHD, hyperactivity and dyslexia
  28. Squalene helps the body naturally detox
  29. Some studies have shown that Squalene has the ability to de-activate certain carcinogenic chemicals – this makes it the perfect go-to for beauty-boosting goodness from the inside out!

    The benefits of Squalene for skin:


  • influences the skin positively through a healthy digestion and an optimal intestinal flora

  • intercepts through anti-oxidants free radicals in the skin

  • stimulates a better blood circulation and nourishment of the skin

  • brings the skin layers in balance and revitalise this important organ

  • equalizes and regulates the metabolism from and to the skin

  • improve the moisture balance and the elasticity of the skin

  • creates a visible improvement of the skin structure

  • protects partially against sun rays including uv-rays.



Organic Turmeric with Squalene Supplement
Organic Turmeric with Squalene SupplementBuy here

 As you can see, the Squalene skin and health benefits are numerous and are creating buzz within the natural health and beauty industry with good reason! Achieve health from the inside out and reap the many benefits of Squalene by taking it in the form of a high-quality supplement, like this one!

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Wholesale Enagic UKON Turmeric – 100% Organic Blue Zone Turmeric !

Best organic Turmeric pills

Wholesale Enagic Ukon Turmeric

We are now offering wholesale Enagic UKON Turmeric! We can ship internationally for online purchases here – call us at (310) 447 – 8947 with any questions or to make your purchase over the phone.

Wholesale Enagic UKON Turmeric
Wholesale Enagic UKON Turmeric

Benefits of Enagic’s UKON 100% Organic Turmeric supplements:

1. 100% organic and grown without any pesticides or fungicides on the fertile soil of Blue Zone island, Okinawa, Japan!

2. Individually sealed capsules to preserve maximum freshness and potency

3. Enagic’s UKON 100% organic Turmeric supplements uniquely includes the extra-potent Spring Turmeric, which is much more effective than regular Turmeric.

4. Highly absorbable form of Turmeric (even more so than when combined with Black Pepper)!

5. Sustainably harvested with green practices

Barack Obama’s Cardiologist, Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC, and Cardiologist to Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush, the Queen of England and the Pope uses and endorses Enagic’s products. Enagic is a 40+ year-old well-established Japanese company who’s products are used throughout Japan’s top hospitals.

Enagic’s UKON Organic Turmeric Tea is the highest quality premium organic Turmeric Tea and is:

  • Made with the rare Okinawan Autumn strain of Turmeric – Okinawa is the most pristine land for harvesting Turmeric.
  • Sustainably-grown on a privately-owned farm in Okinawa.
  • Tea bags are individually air-sealed to preserve maximum freshness and shelf life of bulk orders.
  • Harvested on the fertile, rich soils of Blue Zone island Okinawa, Japan.
  • 100% Organic, free of all pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides – beyond organic!
  • Grown in nutrient-rich soil of Yanbaru – the exotic northern tip of the Japanese island, Okinawa. Enagic’s turmeric is organically grown on dedicated farms in Yanbaru and is 100% free of harmful chemicals used in lower-quality, conventional turmeric farms.
  • Grown with Enagic’s high-quality, anti-oxidant rich Kangen Water, helping enhance the turmeric’s powerful properties.
  • 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly, with absolutely no usage of a

Call us at (310) 447 – 8947 with any questions and to buy Enagic UKON Turmeric supplements or tea wholesale or bulk!